Those who have made the Mecca to His sacred ground just over the Canadian border at a mysterious location have felt His draw... a monolith of both meat-by-product and a tasty beverage. His temple is almost never open, but He still stands as the sentinel, calling His devoted admirers to either come and admire Him... or meet with an unfortunate traffic accident! No one can explain the instances of the latter, but that is the mystery of seduction of He That Holds The Cup and Weiner.

Here, devotee Bill M. assumes the Snack Position. This assures true tranquility, strong devotion, and kick-ass service.

I am The Lord of Coke and Hot Dogs...
and I will haunt your DREAMS!

For those ready to take the first step, join us now in partaking of the sacred Eucharist of the Lord by clicking HERE.
Though there is only ONE Lord of Coke and Hot Dogs, there are many Pretenders to The Throne. Click HERE to see these paltry imitations.
Click HERE (.ZIP) to get the official LoCaHD wallpaper.

In this picture, MGP expresses his Religious Experience at being in His presence.